Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July

Last year at this time, we were just getting home from the hospital. It was an awkward and mostly awful time, all things considered, so we didn't go out to see fireworks.

Man, that seems like a heck of a lot longer than merely a year. So much has changed! The Boy is twice the size he was back then, and he's so much more of a little person as opposed to a baby. He's walking, running a little (first running steps: in the Valerie Fund Center, attached to an IV. I don't remember sprinting across a room quite so quickly, to catch him before he yanked the port right out of his chest), talking words, and doing a lot of things independently.

We've changed, too. The house is kept differently. We're more concerned about sterilization, and we're more cognizant about cleanliness and germs. That's not to say the house is organized - my job is home organization, and I've been horrendously busy with my school and my dissertation. But, we're clean and mostly sterile. At least, the things that The Boy has picked up hasn't been from us, we think.

Pediatric cancer is a lifestyle changer. Amazing.

It's been a relatively uneventful week. There've been two projectile vomiting incidents, one caused by the Cozaar medication and one at the Cloverleaf Restaurant in Caldwell. This morning, he was chewing on his Pop-up Pals toy and caught his lip, causing it to start bleeding. Because of his platelet count, it took about fifteen minutes to stop. That wasn't fun. This evening was an uncomfortable one; he was achy and sore, but not feverish. He had a hard time falling asleep, but settled down quicker once I joined the two and a half of them in bed.

No news on the labor front. The Wife has been feeling contractions for a while now, but nothing major. She's only really aware when she puts her hands on her belly and feels a tightening with her hands. It wouldn't necessarily shock anyone if she delivered tomorrow, considering that we really can pinpoint every important date - date of ovulation, date of start of cycle in October, date of conception... (Yes, son, you were the result of the only time that your parents were in the same room and conscious that month)

I wonder if more babies are born on the due date, before, or after? Take out the real preemies, in this factoring - I'm talking full term. Preemies are important, don't get me wrong; but that usually indicates that there's a problem somewhere. I'm talking those blessedly normal, uneventful births. Probably before, because there's more room... but it wouldn't surprise me if the normal number is, like, 1.4 days late or something.

We'll see. It should be fun.

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