Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going home tomorrow morning!

Today was a good day, at least for me.

The Boy is doing okay. At least, he's well enough to be heading home for a few days, first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning. His temperatures are right around normal, and his blood pressures - while high - are not in danger zones. He's maxed out on four meds, and the only two left are procardia, his rescue medication, and minoxidil, which is never proscribed to kids his age. At least he might grow hair.

My brother and his wife came this morning and stayed for about three hours! They helped me clean the toys, and my sister-in-law straightened up and organized the room. I got to take a shower (to everybody's relief), and I even got to walk outside for a few minutes! When The Wife arrived, they took Younger Bro for a walk, as did Grandpa, letting The Wife, The Boy, and I enjoy a family moment. The Wife stayed for a little while, as The Boy was allowed out into the lobby to see his baby brother. Picture attached.

They left, and The Boy and I were left alone for a little while. Considering that his diaper rash, despite the nystatin Butt Paste we've slathered on with a trowel, has grown to the size of his entire rear end, I let him nap without his diaper for about two hours, most of which was while my niece was visiting. He actually did not pee or poop during the entire two hour nap! (Maybe he'll be ready for potty training earlier than I or my wife was.) Hopefully, it'll help the rash. Not as much as getting the hell out of the hospital, but one step at a time.

My niece visited for a while, and when she left, my friend E showed up for a couple hours. It was nice to see him, as I don't often get to see him because of an insanely busy schedule. He brought a cake, which was yummy.

He left right as they put a urine collection bag on him, as they want one more sample to check to make sure that infection has left. He took 90 minutes to pee, the little stinker; that's still better than the two hour average that he holds it when he's wearing the bag.

It's almost 11, and I'm confident that The Boy is going to be awake until at least midnight. I think I'm going to nix the last Elmo episode and watch some anime, mostly because I feel like it. I also have this week's Burn Notice episode, thanks to TiVo To Go, that I'd like to watch.

We're going home tomorrow... I'll get some more opportunities to play with The Boys (and I love typing that) this week!

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Sarah R said...

Yay for going home! I'm sorry to hear his butt still has a rash. I swear by California Baby. It is natural without any parabens and it really does the trick!