Friday, July 10, 2009

Hanging out with my boys

I'm back at the hospital, hanging out with The Boy. Grandma just left to go spend time with The Wife and Younger Bro, leaving us for a nice guys' day and night.

Last night wasn't bad at all. YB would be up to feed every hour and a half, give or take. When hewas done feeding, we burped him and soothed him back to sleep, which took anywhere from five minutes to a half hour. Not bad at all.

YB, unlike The Boy, doesn't seem to like being swaddled. Maybe he got used to the freedom because he was unwrapped in the lights for so long? Anyway, Musical Daddy is still a baby tranquilizer, and that helped quite a bit.

I brought the camera today, so I can take somee movies of The Boy counting and stuff. Should be fun. Updates to follow.

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