Friday, July 17, 2009

Heck of a day...

Not the greatest day today.

Post-surgery, The Boy took a REALLY long time to wake up - like, along the lines of an hour an a half or so. This is not good. Jumping ahead in the story, I'm not too thrilled about the sedation job that they did on him. He was still stinking of anaesthetic when we left the hospital at 4:30PM, a full eight hours after the surgery took place! I mean, he wasn't feeling pain, but he also was stoned for a long, long time.

When he woke up, so to speak, he was breathing very fast and very shallow, with a hitch in each breath. I'm a lifelong asthmatic, so I know it when breathing is wrong... and this was wrong. His throat was also torn to shreds from the inside, as a result of having a breathing tube put down there during the sedation. He wasn't eating, wasn't drinking, was overly sleepy and clingy, blood pressures WAY WAY WAY higher than usual, and not particularly conscious. Not a good thing.

We went down for a chest x-ray, and they found fluid around his lungs - not pneumonia kind of thing, just a huge excess of fluid in his body. They put him on lasiks, which gets rid of the fluid. That seemed to work, as he was resting quite comfortably when we left.

I went home and passed out for about three hours, as did The Wife and Younger Bro. Now, we're catching up on a little bit of TiVo while we entertain the newborn. Tomorrow, we'll all spend some time with The Boy, and I'll camp down in the afternoon to be with The Boy until he leaves the hospital. Grandma goes back home on Sunday, so it's back to us.

Anyone around on Saturday night or Sunday? I'm going to be by myself at the hospital, and I'd love some company.

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