Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hospital Life

This is going to be an interesting weekend, because we have the "B" team here in the stepdown unit. All of our usual nurses are off this weekend, so we've got a bunch of nurses that we don't know. I mean, we recognize them from the floor, but they've never (or really rarely) had us as patients. It's mostly okay, except for the teeny little things - like the Cozaar coming in water instead of juice or apple sauce or yogurt, and the medicines coming late and all together instead of spaced out.

It's interesting how The Boy will keep his medicines in his mouth instead of swallowing them. He hates some of the flavors, but he'd rather keep the medicines in his mouth (and on his taste buds) rather than swallowing them. It's astonishing sometimes.

We've learned to space the medicines out by 20 minutes or so, because several of The Boy's medications tend to rebound and bring friends. This has lead us to take the entire cocktail several times, so now we've learned our lessons. Tonight, for instance, the Cozaar came rebounding up, bringing with it The Boy's late dinner of apple juice and Cheerios. Not good.

Today? Okay day. His blood pressures have been through the roof for no appreciable reason. From 2 until 4, he rested and played a little bit. From 4 to 6, he napped. From 6 to 8, he was cranky and sleepy, and he sat in bed and played with his puzzles. From 8 to 10, he played on the floor with his toys, including some naked time to air out his poor, rash-covered rear end. This resulted in two liquid poops on the floor, but that's not a huge deal. Change the hospital gown, baby soap & water to clean his legs and rear, and bleach wipe for the floor. Since 10, he's been in bed, getting antibiotics and medicines and otherwise getting ready for sleep. It's 11:50 right now, and I don't really think that he'll be asleep much before 12:30 or so. We'll see.


JC said...

love the term "rebounding" :)

Musical Daddy said...

It was coined by a college buddy of mine. He noted that, when I did shots of rum, the rum would hit my stomach and bounce right back up, usually with reinforcements. So, "rebound." 8)