Friday, July 10, 2009


The Boy's blood pressure readings were 130/101, which is almost emergency-level high. That didn't make sense, as he's had readings around 100/70 (almost normal for someone his age) all week, and he'd just woken from a nap. The skinny? It took four blood pressure readings to get that, as the first three didn't work. Total time? 18 minutes to get it.

For those keeping score at home, that's 18 minutes of trying to keep The Boy motionless, with a cuff cutting off circulation to one leg, then the other, the his arm. We took a 10 minute break, then the nurse came back. The first blood pressure reading - which took 8 minutes to get - was 170/141, which is not really possible without his heart just kind of, well, exploding out his nose. The second blood pressure reading, I cut it off after 12 minutes of squeezing his arm.

He's only got one functional arm right now, as the IV line in his left arm has the arm wrapped and motionless from the palm of his hand to his elbow, so he doesn't accidentally rip it out. So, when his right arm isn't usable because of blood pressures, he's got nothing to use to play / to drink / to eat.

I know I shouldn't be mad at the nurse, but I am, because I have seen these issues with the machines with her on several occasions, whereas most of the nurses never have these issues. It makes it worse that she NEVER closes the door when she leaves, no matter how many times I ask her. I know my mother-in-law likes her a lot, but she isn't one of my favorites. Lovely lady, not such a hot nurse.

The Boy is now sitting in his high chair and kind of flailing away at stuff, very good-naturedly. He's yelling "Dah-Dee!" as loud as he can. It's very cute. We've had a nice day - great playing, two big poops within ten minutes of each other (the second squirting out the sides of the diaper - nice job, Boy!), lots of talking, and a little bit of video, which I'll upload later to Youtube and post. I want to get some of him reading his letters and numbers for all y'all.

We're watching "Bunnytown" right now, which The Boy is kind of lukewarm about. I don't want to watch the Elmo movies any more at this moment, because I've watched five of them today. He's not eating his dinner, and he didn't eat much of his lunch. He did eat an entire apple cereal bar, which was nice In short, he's acting like a true toddler right now, and I love it, pain-in-the-rear bits and all.


Cate said...

As a nursing rule of thumb if the machine doesn't work we are supposed to take a 5 minute break and try it manually. While manual isn't always easy on someone as small as the boy it can be done and should be done. Next time I would ask her to check it with her own stethoscope, and if it's super high maybe have the machine double check her numbers.

mellohorn8d said...

Sorry about all of the blood pressure issues. I've had some bad shares of nurses trying to do the same where my frustration just grows and the reading is off. I feel like my physician's office does it manually frequently as if they trust the machines to be irritating.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I'm just curious how expansive this children's movie collection of yours has grown... I feel like every week or so you're listing some new movie you've watched.

Musical Daddy said...

Let's just say that I already possessed a rather formidable collection of cartoons and anime, even before my sons were born... and, armed with a TiVo, 400 cable channels, and create search engines, it's easy to double and to triple that. 8)