Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It'd be nice if he was getting better.

Last night, it was a relatively easy night. The Boy fell asleep without issue at approximately 10PM, and he stayed asleep for most of the night. I, on the other hand, have hit that "too tired to really sleep" thing, and I didn't fall asleep until after 2AM. The Boy woke at around 1:15AM because the nurse had to give him rescue blood pressure medication, which he gets whenever the diastolic pressure (the bottom number) is 80 or above. I was watching the end of the penultimate episode of the first season of Dollhouse (thank you, TiVo To Go!), and he watched the end and the final episode of the season.

(Quick review: it's Joss Whedon. There's LOTS more stuff going on in every episode than is immediately apparent, and you know the action is going to be great. I liked it a lot. Not as much as Firefly, but more than Angel.)

We woke around 8AM, when the nurse came in to poke and prod at The Boy some more. He didn't eat his breakfast; somehow, we got switched to the Kosher menu from the Renal menu, which meant that all of the food came in with more salt than he's used to eating. So, he didn't eat any of it, choosing to fill up on apple juice and a thing of special K cereal.

My father came by around 10:30, and he stayed for an hour. Right before he was getting ready to leave, I walked around the bed and noticed... well, The Boy pooped through his diaper, diaper cover, and two beddings. So, we had to clean off a squirming and screaming child, which was difficult because his little butt is SO red and sore that it's painful to the touch. Then, we had to change the linens and clean the bed mattress. We got The Boy changed, and the nurse and housekeeping (who happened to be in the room anyway) got the bed cleaned and changed. It took a while, because the floor was out of linens. The Boy was quite traumatized by the cleaning and the pooping, and he eventually fell asleep on my shoulder.

Here's why hospitals suck: 11:20, he falls asleep. 11:30, my father leaves. 11:35, the pediatric attending came in with the residents. (They really are frightened little bunnies, like the guy in Scrubs says.) They asked questions and the attending listened to his chest and explained to me some stuff that I proceeded to then explain the remainder to her, because I heard from Dr. Kamalakar and she hadn't. They left at 11:45. At 11:50, the guy from Chai Lifeline came in to drop off food. At 11:57, the nurse came in with the linens and made the bed. At 12:10, the rabbi came in to check on us. At 12:20, the nursing supervisor came in to ask about the bris. At 12:35, the nephrologist came in to talk about The Boy. At 12:45, the nurse came in to do blood pressures and temperature, and he had medicine due at 1.

All wonderful people, all wonderful reasons... but not leaving us alone! How could I catch up on my needed sleep with that going on? How could he sleep so well with people coming in and out, touching him in different ways. It slows down some at night, but the nurse is still in once per hour or so.

Anyway. On to the good stuff. He's getting a little bit better, but it's two steps forward, 1.9 steps back. He didn't eat for much of the day due to the strangeness of the meals, and when he ate his dinner, he puked it back up. He had a finger stick for a CBC, and the guy didn't know that he was low on platelets. Long story short, he bled all over the place. His blood pressures are high, and he's retaining fluids... but, he's taking in so little nourishment and letting out so much urine and feces that they have him on fluids all the time. His blood pressure is so high that he's agitated and irritable, yet he has no energy. It's a lose-lose situation.

Younger Bro is doing fine, all things considered. He's a newborn. He cries a lot, he poops a LOT, and he eats a lot. That's cool. He's pretty strong and pretty big: he moves his neck and head around a lot, which is nice. My wife gave him some tummy time on the floor today; he actually fussed and fussed and accidentally rolled himself over, which is pretty good for a 10-day old baby. The Boy took 21 days to do that, the little slacker.

Tomorrow, I sit down with my brother and try to defuse the family situation that erupted at the bris. I'm kind of irritated about it, because I have better things to do than to travel to the north side of the state for a sit-down about a situation that I didn't start, didn't participate in, and didn't cause. Still, it has to be done, and I seem to be one of the few people that can keep my eyes on the prize (The Boy's health) and keep my ego out of the picture. Let's hope I can - I'm not particularly optimistic, because some mighty hateful things were said. I just hate having to travel and take the time away from the people that really need me in order to do this.

But, I'll have a really nice day. I'm going to take Younger Bro for a walk to the comic book store, and I can spend time with my wife. I know the afternoon with The Boy will be fun, and after my "meeting," I'll spend the night with The Boy. He's a neat kid, and lots of fun to be around. LOVE those snuggles...

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