Monday, July 27, 2009

Keeping him busy...

Chemo is supposed to start today, but we haven't gotten the official word yet. Dr. Rifkin is sitting outside at the nurses' station talking with the children (the residents), so I'm assuming she'll come in to chat when they're done.

In the meantime, we're playing the refrigerator game. He brings me a can of ginger ale, I say, "Thank you!", he says "Thank you!" back to me, then goes to get another one. When they're no more cans, he takes them back to the refrigerator one by one, saying "Thank you!" each time. He's been at this a solid fifteen minutes now, which is kind of entertaining.

I'm making a conscious effort to have less television playing, so I "invested" $6 in a new iPod speaker. It's about the diameter of a soda can and about an inch thick, yet is powerful enough to fill the room decently. We're powering through some Sesame Street soundtrack stuff and through some barbershop stuff. I know we'll watch more television when he's immobile during chemo time, but I'm in no rush for that. Imagine... listening to music and maybe (gasp) reading a book, instead of watching tv! Blasphemy, I know, but such is life.

I'll keep you informed. Tune in, and tell your friends.

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mellohorn8d said...

I discovered a few years ago that books were actually useful for something other than being an extra thick coaster. Textbooks however... Still not convinced.