Friday, July 17, 2009


The Boy is currently in surgery, getting his new port installed by the same Dr. Bethel that removed the last one. I'm a little concerned, because he's been low on platelets all week, despite a couple of platelet transfusions. Surgery on a boy that doesn't stop bleeding easily...

Still, I'd rather get this done quickly. The IV line is not fun to deal with and is considerably more complicated than the port.

We first find out about the surgery until dinner time yesterday. We didn't find out the time until around 9 or 10 o'clock. That's fine. Less time to worry about it.

Younger Bro has a pediatrician appointment at 12:30, so The Wife is home with him while I'm here. Grandpa is here with me.

Urgh. I hate surgery days.


JC said...

Praying the surgery is quick and uncomplicated! Who would've thought we would've ever been happy to have a port in our child? :) Have a nice day!!!

Sarah R said...

Praying everything went smoothly! *hugs and kisses to that boy of yours*