Thursday, July 23, 2009


We got home at eleven or so on Monday morning, which was really awesome. We ran The Boy around all day, because we were all excited to be home. He went to sleep at around 8:30. Mommy went to sleep at around 10, and I joined them at 11:30.

At 12:30, Younger Bro woke to be fed. The Boy woke at the noise, saw YB feeding on Mommy, and fuh-lipped out. I mean, an epic fit. Long story short, it took until 4am (and a Mommy intervention before I strangled the little pain in my rear) to get everyone calmed and sleeping again.

Tuesday night, mommy had some issues getting the boys to sleep. At 4am, The Boy woke up and wandered off. He fell back asleep at 7.

This morning, we were hoping for a change. He fell asleep at a normal time and had an uneventful night... until 4:30, when be woke, screaming for something unintelligible, later discovered to be juice.

Oh, boy. Looking forward for this to work itself through.

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JC said...

Yikes!!! My mom came over yesterday and said Summer is whiny because she has learned to be. I guess I have let her, but it is hard when they feel like crap. Anyway, hope David learns to sleep through the night again. I am sure he will, but if in the same room as the baby it might be hard with him constantly waking. Summer often talks "out of her" when waking in the night too. Must be some crazy dreams these kids are having.