Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take two...

Last night, we checked in, got hooked up into the monitors (get to see lots of nekkid Logical Mommy, which is always nice), had a physical exam. They told us that she was only a centimeter or two dilated, so we should go home. Given the choice between being uncomfortable at the hospital or uncomfortable at home, home is always a better choice. We got home around 9:30 and sent Uncle P home. The Boy was still awake and greeted us quite enthusiastically at the door: "Dah-dee! Dah-dee! Mum! Mum! Dah-dee! Mum!" He actually bounced, which was cute.

We put The Boy to bed, and The Wife proceeded to walk slowly around the upstairs floor while I sat and did work. I'm on the last three classes of my degree, and one of the classes is creating the research prospectus that I already did at the beginning of April. So, I rewrote parts of it according to the exact specifications of the project, and knocked off four projects totaling around 130 pages of writing. (Much of it repeated.) Grandma & Grandpa arrived from Pittsburgh a little before midnight (less than six hours after they left!!!), and The Boy woke up because he was excited.

Last night, I had a bout of insomnia. Don't know why - laid off the caffeine after 4PM, didn't have any sugary food or chocolate or anything. Took a sleepy pill around 3AM, didn't do anything. The Boy woke up at 5AM, and I played with him until 5:30AM when The Wife got out of bed. I slept then, until 7:30, got dressed, and we left for the hospital, stopping at Coffeebucks on the way.

So, we're checked in, the monitors are on, the nurses are asking the same questions they did last night, and the doctors will perform the same horrendous physical exam. The physical exam, as the women know, consists of jamming their fingers up through the birth canal and sticking them into the mucous plug at the cervix to see how much things have started moving around. Yuck.

Should be an interesting day. Fortunately, I've developed the talent of functioning well with no real sleep. I also have a Diet Mountain Dew and an Energy V-Water in my bag, not to mention the McDonalds downstairs, which has surprisingly good coffee. Wish us luck.

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