Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bonus fun!

Today, The Wife and I took the boys for a walk after dinner. We went to the comic book store, which is the Happiest Place on Earth! (Forget Disney OR Tijuana.) Afterwards, we took the long way around to get back home, stopping for treats at the Quick Chek. I bought a big chocolate chip cookie and a Vitamin Water. Is that contradictory?

The Boy, The Wife, and I sat on our front steps, ate the cookie (not The Wife, who's on a strict detox diet until The Boy's birthday party), and played a bit. Our neighbor two houses over was walking with her grandkids, two boys aged 3 and 2. They were riding tricycles. The Boy was THRILLED to see them! He was so happy and excited to be around more small children. It was really, really nice to see.

He even took his bike out to ride for a little while, which is something he does not do often. He can't reach the pedals yet (maybe we need a smaller tricycle?), but he tried nonetheless. He had a fun time chasing the other boys around on their bikes, running after them (in his own style) as they went back to their Grandma's house.

The striking thing to me is the difference between The Boy and the other boys. The younger one is three months younger than The Boy, but he might as well have been a year older. He was taller and thicker by a bit, and so much more physically active! He was running and pedaling and jumping. The Boy doesn't do any of those things, except for run (kind of).

It did my heart good, to see The Boy playing and laughing and excited. He ran around quite a bit, and I could see him thinking about and imitating the other boys' actions. It really makes me want to spend more time around other kids - if we can.

It also makes me really think, and to become more than a bit sad. At the time of his diagnosis, The Boy was sleeping in his own bed; cruising around quickly; and very tall and thick for his age. I know that wondering is useless, but I wonder what he'd be like. I can actually see him: big and strong, with unruly brown hair, running and jumping and riding his bike all over the neighborhood. I see him being a leader among the other kids, and really enjoying playing with others.

If only.


Sarah said...

That is so sweet! There is something about summer too, that makes interactions extra special. They can just go crazy outside, rather then contain themselves inside and use thier quiet voices and not run. I hope the kids can get together some more to play outside before it gets cold out!

(I'm happy to hear that the "crying baby" isnt crying so much anymore!)

the mol said...

A correction: the younger boy was 3 months older exactly. I am hoping that 2 years brings about the major leaps that 18 months did!!