Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy busy...

So far, we're having a good time playing "Pass the Baby" with the two boys. Last night, I held Younger Bro until about 1:30, then handed him off to be fed by The Wife, and I took care of The Boy. At 6, we switched back because Younger Bro was ripping at his food in a painful manner.

Eventually, we got everything settled, had a nice breakfast at home, then walked downtown the farmer's market and comic book store and library. We got home, and Mom took The Boy out for a ride. After they got back, all settled down for a nice nap.

The Boy's belly is upset, because he ate nothing but fruit all day today. Thank G-d for prescription Pepcid! He's had some fruit poops, which don't feel good at all. His blood pressures were pretty decent all day, except for immediately before he took his medicines.

Still, it's busy keeping up with both babies. Busy, but fun. They are handsome young men.

Forgot to say - YB was 11 pounds, 1 oz and 23 inches at his one month checkup on Friday. Big, strong dude!

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Wow, yes, big, strong dude sounds right! My daughter was not that height until around 2.5 months! Tall mamas make 'em tall and chubby! More room in there to grow! So glad to hear that you guys are enjoying family time! I hope nights get easier soon.