Monday, August 3, 2009

The Calm Before... What?

We had another couple of really, really nice days. Since Saturday, we can almost pretend that... well... we're a normal family, or something. This sort of normal "boredom" - spending all day chasing after the kids and keeping them involved in something reasonably productive and non-trouble-causing - has been a wonderful change of pace.

Sunday, The Wife passed Younger Bro to me at around 6AM for my turn with him. She's been handling all of the nighttime feedings and things without any extra help, so she'll give him to me for an extra hour's sleep. We had a nice breakfast, where The Boy ate - like - two bowls of cereal at the same time. That is, one bowl of strawberry cheerios and one bowl of rice chex.

We played for a bit, napped, and that's when This Picture was taken. It's interesting how, as far as we've evolved, we "regress" to sleeping in piles of people. Honestly? I love it. I love that my boys, so far, want to be close to me. Napping with The Boy - and future naps with Younger Bro - are highlights of my life. We then went to Woodbridge Mall to walk around.

This was not a well-planned trip. I left my wallet (with gift cards) at home, and we left butt wipes and hand wipes and snacks for The Boy at home as well. Considering that he didn't eat lunch, we were concerned; but, we bought him a cereal bar and some animal crackers, and he didn't eat any of it. Whatever. We walked around for a couple-few hours and went home. Didn't buy much; a nutritional supplement for The Wife and some books on clearance for The Boy. (One is called "Daddy's Bald Head," which is appropriate.)

We took a nice, long family nap when we got home, and that turned into dinner. The Boy was awake until around 9:30 or 10, doing not much of anything besides playing and getting into impy-type trouble.

This morning, same thing with Younger Bro. I walked him around, and we fell back asleep while watching "Angel" re-runs, like I used to do with The Boy. Another nice breakfast, with The Boy eating his normal breakfast. The Wife, The Boy, and Younger Bro went to the Valerie Center, which wasn't such a hot move. She had a real time with the two of them, which will be an interesting preview of what's going to happen during the school year. I went to my school to get some work done, and I had a very productive couple of hours.

I got home at exactly the same time as The Wife and the boys; literally, we pulled into the driveway at the same time. I took The Boy, and we rested for a little while until lunch, then the physical therapist came. I updated Younger Bro's bris presents list and collated some recycling while they worked, then we all went outside and played. The Boy had a minor meltdown right at the end, which is the cue for nap; and he and I napped for 90 minutes or so. We got up and played until dinner, then we all went out for another walk.

Because The Boy's counts were so good, we actually went to the park. We ran into a mom and a daughter that we had met a few times back before the diagnosis, and we updated her on the situation (and why we were never around). It felt really good to let others know about our situation! More importantly, The Boy had a REALLY good time playing with the girl, who is a month older than he is.

It was interesting noting the difference between the two kids. The girl was much more physically advanced than he is: she was running and jumping, climbing up the (shallow) slide, and moving much more confidently. The Boy was able to show off his knowledge of letters and numbers to her, and she was impressed; he, in turn, was amazed at how well she went up and down the slide. He tried to imitate her as much as possible.

It was SO nice to see The Boy playing with another kid! He likes people, but he's never around people his age. It's amazing how much more soft-spoken (in volume) he is than most of the other children, and how much more deliberate and gentle he is. I think a lot of that is his shyness around strangers and unfamiliarity with kids, but I think it would nice to have a son that would be nurturing and loving, like he is.

Everyone is in bed right now, and I think I'm going to join them. It's been a really, really nice couple of days!


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

So glad to read this post. Very happy to read that you guys have been able to enjoy your family, everyone together at home, the last few days. I'm hoping that the infection days are over, or at least that they are over for a few months. As far as The Boy and strangers, we are in the exact same situation. My daughter is 3 weeks younger than The Boy. I think that, for the most part, it is a healthy response. We don't want them being too friendly with strangers. In our case, she is super shy for the first 10 minutes or so and, eventually, she warms up to the person. She is a very cautious kid! Something else that is positive about this situation is that when you see your child being cautious and staying near you when there are strangers, it means that your child is securely attached to you. He feels safe and trusts you to protect him. Oops, sorry for the super long comment!

JC said...

Yay! Sounds like an ideal weekend. Glad you get to nap with your sons/family. I should probably do it more. It sounds like you are really enjoying your family. So happy for you all!