Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CT Scan, Stage Two

The nurse for us just as I finished the last blog entry. She took us to the next waiting room, where she took The Boy's medical history and list of medications. I'm happy that, right now, I can rattle off his entire litany of medications off the top of my head. I know that once marching season starts, the changes will make it more difficult, but I'll enjoy feeling like Super Daddy while I can.

Whenever I meet a non-Valerie Fund or stepdown nurse, I'm struck by how lucky we are in our caregivers. Not that this nurse isn't competant or knowledgable, but she isn't to the level of Tisch or Sharon. Then again, Sharon is a nurse of her own level.

The Boy is in his gown, which he enjoys wearing. Elmo is on, the violin episode. Did I mention that one of my students is here, getting some surgery? Hope it isn't on his mouth - he's a really good trumpet player.

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