Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happiest Day in a Long Time!!!

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The party, in every way, shape, and form, was a true success! As my mother-in-law said, it was the happiest day in a long time.

There were four families at the party besides for us, from Younger Bro's age to around 6 or 7. All of the kids were on their best behavior all day! It was SO cute, with lots of little ones spread out over the floor.

We had to have the party inside because of the weather, and all of The Boy's toys were played with thoroughly and completely. The Elmo balloon that I bought on a whim was a huge hit, as were the drums. No one whined, everybody shared with the younger babies, and everyone left having eaten their fill.

The Wife's old neighbor in Jersey also came, and they stayed late and helped us clean the toys and put the extra food away. So, while the kitchen still needs a thorough cleaning, the house is mostly clean and straight.

What a wonderful day and celebration of The Boy's birthday. When you've had a young life with as many issues as he has had, any celebration becomes huge. It doesn't have to r fancy and elaborate - a BBQ with toys and a swingset is sufficient but necessary.

We needed this, and we got what we needed. Spirits rejuvinated, we are now ready for the next challenge.


Rachel said...

I found your blog through...well, I don't even remember anymore. Nevertheless, I've been following for awhile. Happy 2nd Birthday, I am so glad that it was a wonderful day for all.

Sarah R said...

Aw, glad the party was fun!

Andrew has the exact same shoes as The Boy. I had to buy them for his giant feet (size 7) to hold me over until fall, when I'm going to buy him some new velcro strap shoes--didn't know how big his feet would grow over the summer so we shall see!