Monday, August 17, 2009

Home infusion?

The Boy was hooked to an IV at dinnertime tonight by a home infusion nurse. He's going to get fluids for 12 hours prior to the CT scan, when they'll load him up with IV contrast to get a better, more detailed picture of the kidney and former-kidney areas. Hunting for those potential cancer cells, you know? Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, it raised an interesting issue - how does one keep a 2-year old on a leash that is REALLY PAINFUL when it gets ripped out? Well, we started by sitting him down for dinner, then leaving the house and going right on a walk. Two steps out of the door, and I whapped Mommy on the head with a car door, necessitating her sitting down inside and nurse the partial concussion that I'm sure I gave her. (I didn't. She's fine.) The boys were asleep inside of ten minutes.

We stopped at CVS, where the two sleeping babies were the star of the LONG drug line. I was asked, "Oh, they're so cute! Are they good?" I responded, "Well, the little one isn't. He pulled a knife on his brother, and we've had to bribe a few judges to keep him out of juvie hall." Whatever. She continued her half of the conversation by completely disregarding my participation, telling me that one kid is always... didn't catch the word, not good? ... in comparison. Whatever. Anyway, another lady was quite nice up until touching The Boy on the hand. Ummm... hello? Sleeping, BALD with no eyebrows two year old hooked to an IV? MAYBE there's something going on there? She was nice, just unobservant.

Anyway. I bought myself some M&Ms (because I finished the rough draft of my dissertation yesterday) and enjoyed the silence by eating my M&Ms and drinking a Vitamin Water. We got home, and The Boy snuggled with me while watching Sesame Street... until he wanted to get down and wander.

Here's the interesting thing: he KNOWS he's on an IV. He KNOWS that he can't get too far from the bag. It was at a point where, when going down the hallway, he walked backwards to keep an eye on the bag. On one hand, that's cool that he's aware... on the other, it's a shame he has to be.

He went down for the night at 10:45, thanks to his nap. We'll be up in six hours to leave for the hospital. Interesting, educational night for me.

Also watched the movie Changeling. Great flick. Not what I expected, but MUCH better. Just amazing.

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