Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting doesn't mean good.

Today, The Wife & I took the boys to breakfast at Rise 'n' Shine, the local breakfast place that we stopped liking for a while but like now. Younger Bro cried the entire time he was there, as has been his habit. (He likes motion, and when he's motionless and awake, he's unhappy.) The Boy ate a nice helping of eggs, and I had some wonderful french toast.

After breakfast, we did a whole lot of nothing for quite a few hours. There was some walking around, lots of snuggling, a nap, some cleaning (not by me), some playing outside in the sandbox and in the driveway and in the grass, and a snack of rice chex that was gleefully eaten.

Highlight of the day, positive division: I got an iPhone!!!!!11!!1! It's awesome. I updated all of my contacts, which took a few hours, but it's up and running. Next bit is to figure out the ringtone thing - not buying, because, with over 17,000 individual pieces of music in my library, I have a religious objection to paying for ringtones. I'll get it eventually. I'm so happy about this... I've wanted one for a long time, and my in-laws are helping with the increased data plan costs, which was a huge holdup. w00t! w00t!

Highlight of the day, negative division: The Boy fell down one of the seven-step half-flights of stairs. Don't know how it happened - I was looking at my iPhone, and Grandma was bringing a diaper to The Wife, and Grandpa was asleep, and THUD, SCREAM! Making a long story short, he thumped his head quite nicely on the steps. This necessitated a trip to the emergency room, because Dr. Kam (yes, we called the Valerie Center) is concerned about the effects of an injury and a low platelet count. His platelets were at 30 yesterday, and 23 today; that's REALLY low. We sat in the emergency room for three hours so they could take blood for a CBC, examine him a few times, then send us home. Basically what we expected to happen, but better safe than sorry.

So much for my birthday cake, exercising, and getting some schoolwork done. Just waiting until the end of the 14th inning, and then I'm going to bed. 0-0 score between the Yankees and the Red Sox, in the bottom of the 14th inning. Horribly boring if you're not abaseball fan, but absolute heaven if you are.

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Sarah R said...

Oh no--the poor boy!!!

As far as Tiny Guy's temperament goes, it sounds like you got the easier personality first. We had the hard one first because Andrew sound EXACTLY like Tiny Guy. He had to be moving or on the boob, or he was screaming. He even scowled when he slept. Not a happy baby! I hope this time around, we get "The Boy"... *wink*