Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

Sunday was a wonderfully slow day at the Musical household. We woke and had breakfast, and I jogged and took care of the boys while Mommy and Grandma went grocery shopping. The grandparents left soon after lunch, and we did not much of anything for the rest of the day.

We knew The Boy's counts were going to be low, so we didn't go anywhere special. I took the boys for a walk during the afternoon, which was fun; I used the time to catch up with some friends on my new iPhone, and we were out for a solid hour and a half. Younger Bro slept through the whole thing, and The Boy was quite happy just looking at stuff and hanging out.

At night, The Boy had a huge vomit attack and threw up most of his afternoon snack. Ironically enough, once he had his Zofran and helped everything get cleaned up, he was hungry again. That tells us that he's not feeling sick but suffering from a side effect of the chemo. It just goes to show you that my thoughts on parenting have changed quite a big. Fifteen months ago, we would have freaked out and had a major panic attack about that much vomit. Now? No big deal. Younger Bro goes into his chair, Mommy strips The Boy down and puts him in the tub for a quick bath, and I get the paper towels, Clorox wipes, and dustbin.

We spent the rest of the night trying to put the family issue from the Bris aside. Didn't really work, but I think we can push this aside until the end of The Boy's treatments. Dr. Rifkin had some good suggestions that we are going to try to implement for the next couple of go-rounds of hospital time. It'll be interesting to see if it works.

Today, we spent all day at the Valerie Fund. The Boy had a platelet level of 6 (supposed to be around 75 or 80, I think), a red cell count of 6.6, and a white count of 0.3. All counts there suck really badly. He got red cells and platelets and lasix, which meant that we didn't get home until 7PM. Sigh. While I did get to do some good work on my paper, it was still a horrendously long day. It's just... well, boring. The Boy slept from 12:30 until 4 because of the Benedryl, which is when I worked and when I took a half hour's nap or so. Before and after, we just played. In the morning, he was very clingy and cranky, which wasn't too fun for him. In the afternoon, he really enjoyed wandering around and playing with the toys.

Tonight was surprisingly easy. I took the recycling and garbage out, and we cleaned the kitchen up. The Boy helped me put some of his toys away, and he went to bed without much more than token complaining. Younger Bro had a fun night as well, and I got some nice snuggles. He has such a cute, round face!

Tomorrow will be another slow day because of The Boy's low blood counts. I'm hoping to convince him to start climbing up the ladder in the swingset again, because #1 it's fun and #2 it's good for him. We'll see.

Now, the dilemma. I've gotten NO physical activity today because of the hospital time. Do I do a light jog, or do I just go right to sleep?

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