Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lazy boys

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It has been an uneventful day. Thank heaven for that! I walked to the doctor's office for me, then to CVS and the comix book store. Hung out at home until a quick trip to school to pick up a sousaphone. Now I have a few hours before marching band rehearsal.

The Boy has been very cute today. He told The Wife when he had pooped, which is a tiny step towards potty training. That's about it.

My wife was chatting with someone from Horizon about some insurance stuff, and the lady with whom she was speaking also had a child who had a Wilms Tumor! Turns out that the child - who was on similar medicines but more serious dosages - would occasionally vomit just like The Boy. She wouldn't feel sick before or after, and there was rarely warning (the girl was 6 so was verbal, unlike The Boy). It just happened. So, I feel a little better.

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the mol said...

She said specifically that there are two different centers in the brain that control nausea and vomiting. Frequently, they are related and work together. Sometimes, you get the former or the latter. Sometimes when pregnant, a mom-to-be will just be nauseous and the feeling won't go away. This woman's daughter, being verbal, would just say "I'm going to throw up" and she would. And then be fine.

Gross. But not a medical emergency.