Sunday, August 16, 2009

Milestones reached this weekend...

It's really quite amazing. When we're NOT at the hospital for weeks at a time, when we actually have sustained time at home to establish a consistent routine, the boys tend to make amazing growth progress. Who would have thought it? (Sarcasm. Maybe.)

The Boy had a really nice milestone week. First, over the last day or two, we've been spending a lot of time playing in the baby room. It was The Boy's room, but not really, because he never slept there. Right now, it's where the changing table and all of the boys' clothes are located. There's the changing table, a twin mattress on the ground, and The Boy's train table (last X-mas's present from Grandpa). I'll come in and sit on the mattress and play with one or two boys, depending on who's in a decent mood. The Boy has been fascinated by a "Elmo's Valentine" book, which has Elmo giving a valentine to the Sesame Street valentine box, then the valentine's adventures from one person to another until it eventually gets back to Elmo. Riveting reading, really! Anyway, it's fun for The Boy, because the valentine itself is removable from the book and can be insert in each page in the hand of whomever the story is discussing.

So, the big moment came today: while I was doing math work at the kitchen table, The Boy came up to me with a book and said, "Read!" He sat on my lap and listened (and participated) to the entire story! Then, he got another book and listen to it, then got the Elmo book and read it with me twice. The first book? "Pooh Loves You!" It was really cute and really nice.

The Boy has also been running around the house, to the best of his ability. It's still more of a quick trot, but he's definitely moving really quickly.

Today, he came up to me and said, "New pants!" When I said "The Boy, do you need new pants?" He said, "Yes! New pants!" He had pooped and wanted me to change his pants! He also responded "Yes!" to a couple of requests as to whether he had pooped. That's exciting. He even wanted to sit on the potty tonight! He didn't do anything, but he did sit there for four times through the alphabet song.

He's also been trying like heck to learn the ABC alphabet song. One of his toys - a froggie bus with letters all around it, the Learning Friends Phonics Bus - has the song sung slowly enough for him to hear and to learn! He only gets a few of the letters, but he seems quite intent on learning the entire song. He loves it when we sing it to him!

The other thing that's nice is the complete lack of television that The Boy is watching! While he has watched an Elmo thing each day, it's only one program and only around nap time. Today, we both napped through Elmo in Grouchland. I don't really mind him watching television - particularly in the hospital, when it is in our best interest to keep him still because chasing him around with the IV pole sucks majorly - but it was at a point, a little while ago, when the programs were on 23.5 hours per day. That's too much.

Just a nice week and weekend. Tomorrow, he'll go to the Valerie Center and get accessed, and home infusion will come at night to hydrate him and set up IV contrast for Tuesday morning's CT scan. Then, assuming all is well, chemo will start on Wednesday! That'll take us through Sunday or Monday, and I start pre-band camp while doing some work with my friends in North Jersey; then, The Boy's birthday party on the Saturday, and then band camp from Sunday through Thursday, and then the school year starts on the following Tuesday!

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Go The Boy! I love reading good news from you guys! Sounds like everyone had a mostly good weekend, yay! The Boy is so cute! I love his little voice! So sweet! Thanks for sharing the videos.