Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet Face

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Younger Bro and I are out for a walk right now. The Wife and The Boy are napping, so I graciously volunteered to take the baby outside for a walk to allow them both to sleep. YB loves the outside and loves to go for walks, so he's good. I'm okay as well, considering how busy my morning had been. I did some analysis work on my dissertation, played with the boys, watched The Boy so Mommy could get an extra hour sleep (it was one of Those Nights last night), then went to school for a few hours and completely reorganized the percussion equipment. Now I'm walking, and I'll finish the analysis work and prepare to write it up. But, once it's written, the dissertation is done but for the editing.

In walking around with one baby, it's a lot easier to watch people as they examine us. Much like his older brother, YB causes many people to smile as they walk past. It's not hard to understand why: he's got the sweetest little babyface that you'll see, and those extra chins and chubby little cheeks are very attractive. People smile at him when they pass, even of they aren't aware of it.

The Boy is having a pretty good day. He has taken a couple big poops, had two fits (one major, one minor), and did lots of playing. His counts were still crappy yesterday: 6.9 red cells, 13 platelets and 0.6 white cells. That's not great, but he has had a runny nose all week, which hasn't helped. I think we're still on track for next week's chemo. We'll see.

He has a CT set for Tuesday. He'll be accessed at the Valerie Center on Monday, then sent home. A home infusion specialist will come at night and hook him up with a device to give him fluids and IV contrast for the scan. Should be interesting. Not really looking forward to getting to the hospital at the buttcrack of dawn.

All right. Someone is stirring. Back to the open road!

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Sarah R said...

He is so cute! And did you just GeoTag your boy? LOL....