Friday, August 14, 2009

Testing some feed updates...

I just signed up with Twitterfeed, and just clicked the correct (I hope) "import blog" link with Facebook, to import my blog onto Twitter and onto Facebook. I'd like to increase my blog's visibility a little bit; partially because I want to get my message and The Boy's titanic struggle out onto the interwebs, mostly because I'm really, really egotistical and want lots of people to pay attention to me.

Not much new to report. The Boy is playing with a little Tonka truck playset, and The Wife is testing a new front carrier out onto Younger Bro, which would work much better if she'd keep walking around like a good little Big Person (in his opinion, natch). It's a very cute carrier, but he's not such a big carrier fan yet. That's okay.

I think we're going to go for ice cream. I deserve it, as I had a really, really busy day.

(Yes, I took a 30 minute doze while watching Sesame Street with The Boy at 5PM. Shut up.)

(That's supposed to be said with that whiny voice that that comedian who does the funny-looking ventriloquist dolls, like Jose the Jalapeno and the purple one. It's the purple one's voice. Wanna help out with the name of the guy?)


mellohorn8d said...

I believe you're talking about Peanut. I say my "shut up"'s like that a lot now too, probably because of Jeff Dunham.

Musical Daddy said...

You are a true scholar and patriot, my friend.