Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toddler Tuesday

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It's actually kind of nice to deal with normal toddler problems, considering that The Boy's counts are in the toilet right now. Here's the bullet point list for the day:

Colored on the refrigerator with a brown crayon

Threw a remote control down the stairs

Threw four major fits today, including the one he's on as I write this

Played shy and clutchy durig physical therapy

Shortened the toilet paper roll by quite a lot

Set the kitchen table with help

Ate a full meal right after puking up the previous meal

Sigh. Me with my chorus rehearsal tonight... good luck, Mommy!


Sarah R said...

Aw, but the sweet pic makes up for everything! Two beautiful boys and their beautiful mama. Doesn't it make Daddy's heart melt?

JC said...

Love this pic!