Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another solo flight...

Fun enough evening tonight. Yet another long day - school to marching band, then The Wife leaves after 30 minutes to go to orchestra practice. Still, since The Boy's counts were good, he spent an hour at marching band with me, which was fun.

I'm fairly sure that he enjoys coming to the rehearsal, and I'm fairly sure that the marching band kids enjoy having him around. He doesn't distract me from doing my job - if I need to go across the field, I just pick him up and carry him. He gets juice during the water breaks, and he REALLY enjoys counting out loud with the band. Actually, I think a couple of the band members were inspired to count because of him - he was counting out loud, and they wanted to help him. The fact that it helps them with their performance is only a positive, I think. Anyway, I hope he's not a distraction. I'm sure I would have heard about it if it is a distraction.

So, The Wife left for orchestra, and I had the two boys. The Boy promptly pooped while he was finishing dinner, so the poopy diaper assembly line started: Younger Bro first, change, spray, put aside. The Boy, change, spray, put aside. Didn't put a diaper on The Boy, as his rash is still pretty nasty. Younger Bro played for a little while and let me do the dishes, and he started fussing a little bit. After about twenty minutes of walking, providing white noise, and the rest, I finally put him in pajamas and let him sit and listen to his lullabies in his bassinet. Whammo - asleep in moments. The Boy then fell asleep in my lap and stayed that way for an hour and a half. I snuck out from underneath him and did some school work - called a drummer buddy of mine, burned a CD, filled out some purchase orders. Shaved, showered, teeth... medicines for The Boy, changed him, then put him down.

The last three nights, he's pooped within 30 minutes of being put in his room. Tonight, he did it again. We're convinced that he's doing it on purpose. No way to prove it, though.

He's now been standing at his gate for an hour and screaming. Dr. Rifkin said to be patient, that it would take him extra long because it takes all kids on treatment extra long. Man, this is a killer, though. I would have been asleep an hour or two ago if it wasn't for this screaming. At some point, I need to start getting more than five hours' sleep.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

When we started the transition from cosleeping to sleeping in the crib (13 months), Arianna would poop each and every night. Those days have been the only times when she pooped at night. I felt terrible; I wondered if she was so scared/nervous that it made her poop. Of course, I never got an answer, as with many baby things. I have been meaning to tell you guys about Sleep Sense. It's an ebook that I found very helpful., if I remember correctly. Basically, the short version is that you begin the new sleep ritual/arrangements with you sitting right next to The Boy. Do that the first three nights. Nights 4-6, move to the middle of the room. Nights 7-9, sit at hist door. In theory, by night 10, he will be able to go to sleep without you being present. I liked this approach because I, like you guys, was not comfortable with CIO. The down-side is that it would require Meatball to be asleep or for both parents to be home. If you guys would like, I would be happy to email my notes on the book. I hope that nights are getting easier. I know from experience that the crying is hard on everyone.