Thursday, September 3, 2009

Before 2005...

This might just be the extra helping of codeine-laced cough syrup I drank because of... wait for it... the cough I've had all week, but I'm blown away by the "Before 2005" playlist on my iPhone right now. It's a "smart" playlist, set up to have 250 tracks that have not been played since before January 1, 2005. The music, then, is from April 24, 2004 (when I first got an iPod), through December 31, 2004. It's a little freaky.

I was in a big classical and jazz phase at that point, apparently, with a lot of band music (I mean concert band, not rock band) thrown in for good measure. Lots of Stevie Wonder - that was when I just got his "At the Close of the Century" box set. The amount of stuff that I haven't listened to since then is immense.

From a life standpoint, it's hard to remember back that far. Let's throw a quick list of the things that have happened since April 24, 2004: got married; bought a house; fired from one job; got another, got pushed out of that job; got my current and third job since then; had two babies; had a cancer diagnosis for one son and my mother-in-law; bought two cars, one for my wife and one last week; bought 6 iPods since then (one iPod broke, and the second iPod is still working and is The Boy's at the hospital; the fourth iPod came with this computer; the third iPod was stolen, and the fifth iPod was replaced by my iPhone); spent a year as a housewife; watched the Yankees choke three postseason series; worked with four different marching bands; and had two nephews born.

All since the last time I listened to "Beat It." Life is truly odd. But, that might just be the cough syrup talking.

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Bill said...

1 nephew born. My #2 was born in 2003.