Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boy Therapy

That's what my wife calls it, when I'm recovering from a tough week or about to embark on one. I will, consciously or not, kind of cling to The Boy for a little longer than normal. He is so wonderfully good for me and to me. It's the most wonderful ego boost that having a small child gives you: this little person just wants attention, hugs, and approval.

I will NOT be a parent that says, later, "I wish I had hugged my children more." nope. Not me.

Today was a nice day. The Boy and I snuggled for a while. We both napped. I woke earlier than he did, so I read the paper while sitting with him, then did some housework. He got up around 4, and Mommy and The Boy played violin while Younger Bro and I played some fun games together - I rediscovered the "cheeky cheeky chinny chinny" game, and he spent time alternating between smiling at me and chewing on various parts of my hands.

We went to the park, and The Boy befriended a 4.5 year old boy, whom he followed around for a while. That was really nice, particularly when it got him walking across the little bridge. Two weeks ago, he was too terrified to go across it. He eventually got to crawling across, and today walked across it four times, applauding for himself each time. Very cute. Not a great crowd at the park today, but he had a good time anyway.

Tonight was easy for all. Nice dinner, Mommy left with YB to go food shopping. The Boy played nicely and eventually fell asleep in my lap during Boy Therapy time. Maybe I'll take him to Back to School Night tomorrow. It could be fun.

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Sarah said...

I just love when they applaud for themselves- so adorable! At this age they really do aim to please.

My 31wk prego belly is starting to get in my way, so every morning B gets my shoes out and helps me put them on- then claps his hands like a crazy boy. Of course I applaud too!