Monday, September 14, 2009

Hold it in, kid...

The Boy is currently standing at the gate across his bedroom door, alternating between playing and whining at us. This is the third night that we've done this, and I'm not entirely convinced about this one. Mostly because he's a stubborn little cuss, and he is more than willing to sacrifice himself and his sleep to make his point to me. Sound familiar? I'm the other one in the family that is more than willing to shoot himself in the foot to make a point. Anyway, the first night, he screamed for five of the eight hours he was in his room. The second night (last night), he screamed for four of the nine hours he was in there. So, it's better than it was.

The reason we put the gate up was because, quite simply, he bounced out of his room too quickly and too easily. He'd be in his room for less and less time as the weeks have gone on, culminating in about 15 minutes in his room on Thursday and Friday nights. Whatever. Not a big deal. When he starts to get too mad, we go in to the room, hug him, kiss him, and calm him down. There's a chair in there (with a power cord for iPhone) where we sit until he's completely calmed down and dozing, then we get up and start the merry go round all over again.

Dr. Rifkin says that making these kinds of transitions is very, very difficult for kids in treatment. It's hard making the life altering milestones during chemo: sleeping in his own room, potty training, that sort of thing. We'll see how it goes. She also said that, if it doesn't work, we shouldn;t get too hung up about it. My prediction? Younger Bro will be in his own room earlier and more thoroughly than The Boy will be.

In the other end of things - literally - another demonstration of how stubborn The Boy is, including the reason behind the title of this post: today, he had no diaper on for two full hours and did not go to the bathroom. This was after he had Lasix, the diuretic medication, also. So, this non-potty trained kid can hold it in for two hours even after getting medicine that makes him pee. Pretty amazing, no? Over the weekend, same thing - lots of naked time, so he could get rid of that awful diaper rash. No going to the bathroom. Peeing on the floor would have been an improvement, as my wife said.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

I just spent quite a while with my daughter in her room and she is still awake, so I hear you there. I, like you, am torn about the gate idea. I hate this so-called training crap! But, at the same time, I really want all of us to sleep well. We are Love and Logic parents, just like you guys, but, still not sure how to handle this. Here is to hoping for better nights for our two-ers!

the mol said...

Love and Logic for 2 year olds in their own rooms: you can sleep in your bed or you can sleep on the floor...or some combination of the two.