Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jewish Holidays, part 1

I like Rosh Hoshanah. It's a good holiday. It's not a death-type holiday, it's just a celebration. We left Friday after school and drove the boys down to Harrisburg, to spend the holiday with Aunt M and Uncle B. It was really, really nice down there. We were given the third floor of the house, which consisted of two bedrooms and a bathroom. We arrived a little bit before dinner, enjoyed a great meal, and slept quite well, all things considered. The Wife slept with Younger Bro in one room, where the queen-sized bed was not quite big enough for everybody. I slept with The Boy in a single bed in the other room.

The next morning, Aunt M took The Boy to temple, and I walked with The Wife and Younger Bro a while later. I wasn't there for long, as The Boy indicated, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted out. Considering that he had been so good for the hour or so he was there, I had no problem doing what he asked. Younger Bro stayed for a while; just like Uncle B, his godfather, he seemed to enjoy being at temple. After a late lunch, we hit the road and arrived back home at 7:30 or so. We made a quick stop to Dunkin Donuts for coffee for me, and a longer stop to feed Younger Bro and stretch The Boy's legs.

Today, The Boy napped from around 12:45 until just now - 3:50. We spent the time cleaning and straightening and preparing, as this week is a difficult week. In addition to a likely hospitalization for chemo late this week, I've got Back to School Night on Monday, marching band rehearsals Tuesday through Friday in addition to my night jobs on Tuesday and Thursday, and a game and competition on Saturday, putting me out of babysitting from 9:30AM until around 10PM-ish. Long week.

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