Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Granted, our real labor day was July 5, but whatever.

The Boy finally fell asleep around 2:45 on Friday night, and we both slept until 8. After that, we had breakfast and medicines and went home.

The BBQ at Band Guy's house was great! His son is fascinated by The Boy and Younger Bro, even though The Boy is still awkward around other kids. He's a sweet, gentle boy; most other kids... aren't. BG's son is such a GUY - he's so cute! TB isn't used to being around people like that, yet.

We were a bit delayed headig out because of TB's second nap of the day. This one I took with him. Even considering the naps, bedtime was quite easy, and he stayed in his own bed until around 6.

Today, we might go to the park. But, all of us have a bit of a scratchy throat and runny nose, so we might just veg. Then again, no reason we can't do both.

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