Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a wonderful day today. A truly fitting day for the official end of the summer and the start of the school year. Tomorrow, I head back to work for the teachers only day, and The Wife takes The Boy and Younger Bro to the Valerie Center for a checkup and, likely, type-and-cross and transfusion. But, until then, it was a wonderful day.

Younger Bro was up at 4:30, hacking and coughing. Turns out that the allergy and asthma stuff I've been suffering is somewhat contagious, because everybody's a little bit sick. Nothing more than a runny nose and cough - yet - but, the youngest one has his first illness. Mommy took him out to the living room, settled him down, and they went back to sleep.

The Boy came into our bed at 12:15 last night, a setback for his lone sleeping efforts. I spent about 90 minutes trying to get him sleeping in his room until I gave up; why take the hypertensive child and torture him? Anyway, he and I slept until 7:30-ish, when Mommy saw that I was awake and brought Younger Bro in. We lazed about in bed for a little while, watching some Elmo and an episode of the Simpsons on TiVo, before they got up for breakfast.

The rest of the morning was spent playing pass-the-baby, and it was wonderful. Younger Bro was cute, smiley, and happy, despite his cough. Mommy took him for a walk, and The Boy decided he wanted snuggle time. I am only too happy to oblige this.

My general feeling is that I never, ever want to turn down The Boy when he wants / needs attention and affection. Let's be honest; we don't know how long he'll be with us. We're hopeful that he'll live a nice, long life; we understand that he might not see his third birthday. I know for a fact that, if the worst were to happen, I want no regrets in terms of the time that I spend with him. So, we snuggled and snuggled, had lunch, and he napped in my lap while I dozed a bit and played video games on my iPhone.

At 2, I finally got motivated to move, and I went outside to do some necessary work. I weeded the garden for the first time since the end of July, then used my working momentum to clean out the garage. Not a full, thorough cleaning, but a rearranging, throwing away, and re-allotment of resources. Bottom line is that we got rid of a bunch of stuff and put more stuff on freecycle. When I was done, I took the boys for a walk, and we hiked around the neighborhood and picked up some coffee from Quikchek. It was interesting, because Younger Bro did NOT want to ride in the stroller for much of the trip, and I pushed the stroller with one hand and held him with the other, and he was happy.

We got back home, and Mommy took Younger Bro for changing and feeding. The Boy and I sat outside and did nothing in particular. I sat and listened to a podcast on my iPhone, and he kind of wandered around the garage and the front yard, looking at stuff. He's funny, because when he heads towards the street, we know that he's going to stop. He's just going to the back of our cars to read the license plates. (That's not to say we don't chase after him; he just has a funny habit.)

We came inside for dinnertime, and The Boy opened the rest of his presents from his party. It was fun watching him tear his presents open, then put the presents aside and play with the wrapping paper, boxes, and other stuffing stuff before turning his attention to the present. His favorite present, so far, seems to be an Elmo bath toy, although a Little People racetrack is a big hit.

(Who are we kidding - the biggest hit was the plastic straw-stuffing from one of the gift boxes. He's played with that far more than any of the presents. It's like tinsel from the Christmas tree - we'll be pulling it out of the carpet for a month.)

After dinner, we snuggled and played for a while. He delayed bedtime by asking for a rice cake and honey, but Mommy is singing him to sleep right now. I'm cleaning mouthpieces for school, using hydrogen peroxide and water to get some of the calcium deposits off.

Just a great day. Nothing special. Just great.

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Sarah R said...

The Boy is so sweet...

Andrew heads towards the street, and when DH is home with him, he listens and stays out of the road, but when I am home, he runs laughing into the street. OMG! So bad! He gets in big trouble and has to go inside for a timeout. I hope he understands soon.