Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long Day #1 is now over...

It was a nice day today, all things considered. I taught well during the school day, had a great marching rehearsal, and a great barbershop chorus rehearsal. I even had a good drive back and forth today, and I got to listen to the Yankees' 9th inning comeback victory. It's a long day, and I'm in the serious need to decompress.

The only problem is, my primary method of decompression these days involves playing with children. I need those The Boy hugs and those Younger Bro hugs. Granted, The Wife's hugs are pretty darn good, but it's different. There's something about hearing "Dah-DEE! Dah-DEE!" when I come up the stairs, and there's something about being met at the front gate by a grinning, excited toddler that is healing to the soul. Younger Bro has started smiling at me on a more regular basis, so I can expect to coax a smile out of him, with a little bit of effort.

He still won't sleep with me, though, and I'm disappointed about that. As The Wife says, Younger Bro really prefers to put himself to sleep by crying by himself. It's so weird, because it goes against every parenting instinct I have. With The Boy, I'd pick him up, snuggle him close, and was guaranteed to put him to sleep relatively quickly. With Younger Bro, if I'm in the room, he won't fall asleep. I'm hoping he'll work that through, because I love holding babies and watch them yawn themselves to sleep. It's satisfying. I have a vague, nagging fear that being forced to put him under those lights for the week after his birth somehow spoiled our connection and our ability to snuggle him to sleep. I know that that's probably overblown, but there you go.

Tomorrow night is my solo night with both boys. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe we'll go for a walk after I get home. We'll see.

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