Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Midway through Day 1...

I'm taking the end of my lunch break and busting off a few thoughts. It's certainly different this year, being my second year in district. For one thing, it's REALLY nice to walk in the meeting at school and know everyone! It's nice to be able to pick up conversations started in June, right from where we left off. It's also been nice, because a couple of my 8th graders from last year have stopped by to say hello!

The Boy is at the Valerie Center, getting blood. They arrived at 9:00, and they accessed the port and took the normal tests. His red count was low, but not horrendous. His platelets were okay. His white count was right in the toilet! Not so good, and I'm glad I didn't take him to the park on Sunday. Anyway, they did the type and cross and sent the blood up, and they started the blood at 1 o'clock. It takes 3 hours to do the blood, then another 30-60 minutes to flush his system, then deaccess and home around 5. Long day. Worse when he needs platelets also.

Grandpa stopped by and took Younger Bro for a little while. That was really, really cool. This isn't an emergency situation; The Boy just kind of sat around and watched television all morning, so it wasn't like she was dealing with two screaming children. Still, it was nice for Younger Bro to get outside for a little while. The Benedryl given as the blood starts also helps to keep The Boy sleepy and immobile, too.

The big thing at school today was the whole Swine Flu thing. Man, that's starting to terrify me. I'm authentically afraid, considering that The Boy is right in the age demographic that is apparently most affected by the flu, as are all of my students. And, being an asthmatic, I'm right in the at risk group as well. The Boy's namesake was killed by complications from the flu; if I gave The Boy the flu from school, I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself.

We're going to take some steps. I'm going to get in the habit of stripping downstairs and immediately showering once I get home, hopefully minimizing the risk of me bring the virus home on my clothing. Chances are, if I get the disease, I'll go up and stay at my father's house, although I don't want to expose him to the virus either. Maybe we move a bed downstairs in our house? Ugh, that'd be cold in the winter. A better solution might be to move The Wife and the boys up to my father's house, then leaving me by myself for the week, during which I'll hose down every household surface with bleach before they get home.

We'll see. It's concerning, though.


Sarah said...

oh wow. I am terrified of the swine flu in our situation, a 20mo, and another due in november, (well, me pg too). I cant imagine how you feel! Your plan of showering and disinfecting before even seeing your family is a good plan. Try to stay healthy as you can too, that is supposed to help. If only sleep deprivation didnt exist.....

I'll be thinking of you today on your first day back, it can't be easy going to work with everything going on at home and in your lives.

the mol said...

I have to say--we've all been a lot healthier since instituting stricter hand washing protocols. I don't think I was sick at all from school stuff. during the months when I was still working. Just that stomach virus from the hospital.

I'm also glad that The Boy didn't really play in the playroom at the center. A little at the beginning, and some coloring on his own at the end. It's just as well.

Jennifer said...

I totally get the swine flu fear. I wasn't really worried about it much at the end of last school year, but now we have more than one "high risk" group at home. We are both teachers and with me at the Elementary level where things spread very fast...it's a bit worrisome. Your high risk groups are much higher than ours!

My DH is also teaching another class on Sats and he had one student out this past Sat. with Swine Flu (at least that was the excuse).

Your protocol sounds like a good one. You guys are used to being extra careful, so hopefully you won't have any issues.