Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miracle of Miracles...

The Boy's actually asleep. In his bed. This is a stroke of victory for the forces of good.

I say that because things had finally reached a head in the Musical household over the course of the past week. It was getting difficult or impossible to get both boys to actually fit in our bed without causing some serious difficulties for the two adults involved, particularly the one that was nursing a baby. Efforts to get The Boy to stay in his bed were not going particularly well.

So, Saturday night, The Wife finally got irritated enough to take a drastic measure. She put the gate across his bedroom doorway and threatened me if I got him before a reasonable hour - like, 5 or 6AM.

He responded predictably. He is my son, after all. We put him in his cage - I mean bedroom - at around 10 o'clock. He was in late because he napped from 5 to 7PM. He promptly screamed until 12:30AM, standing in his doorway shaking the gate. At that point, he fell asleep on the floor in front of the gate. At 3:30, he woke up again and started screaming.

At some point, predictably, I went in and got him. I don't know how and why I'm such the soft touch. The Wife knew it and predicted it LONG before we had children. I don't get it - I'm quite the hardass about most things in my life. It must be because my parents did such a thorough job of spoiling me, I feel it's my ability to return the favor with the next generation.

Today, he napped from 1:30 to 4:30PM, when I finally gave him his bicitra and woke him. He lazed about for most of the rest of the day, doing some light playing but nothing too energetic. At 7:30, he started to fall asleep again. I will still say, nothing is more magical than holding your child in your arms and watching them fall asleep. It's beautiful, truly!

So, we put him in the bedroom after the appropriate rituals. And, he screamed. He started screaming at 8:15 and screamed until 10:30. He did take a break around 9:20 and played with some of his toys for a little while before remembering why he was ticked off. Eventually, though, he did fall asleep. The telephone woke me up at 10:50, and I snuck out to take a look.

Lo and behold, miracle of miracles, The Boy is asleep, on his bed. Mostly. His feet are hanging off the end, but his head is on his pillow (almost) and his body is on the bed. Hooray!

Maybe tomorrow night, it'll only be an hour of screaming. All I have to say is, my wife is a miracle worker. I don't know how she does it.

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