Monday, September 28, 2009

Potty Training

The Boy is developing his normal, low white count diaper rash. It's a pretty horrendous -looking thing: little red bleeding spots on the perineum. We have Butt Paste to help the rash heal faster, but nothing works better than good, old-fashioned naked time.

The Boy is kind of indifferent to naked time sometimes. Other times, he'll pull a diaper out of the drawer and chase us with it. The biggest thing is that he can hold his output until a diaper is put on.

That leads us to believe that he's kind of ready for potty training, or at least the start of it. We'd be happy if he'd learn to pee in a cup - it would make all of our lives easier during hospital visits. He won't sit on the potty willingly, however, and we won't force the issue. We have standing bribes of jelly beans for the attempt, however, and Daddy's use of the potty is frequently fun family time for him. Sigh.

Well continue to encourage him to use the potty, without puttin pressure on him to do it. Dr. Rifkin said that milestones like these will take longer due to his treatment schedule, and we can believe it. We're not in a rush, not nearly enough to traumatized the kid any further.

Any suggestions for getting him to sit on the potty? We know that he knows what it's for:

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Mama B said...

Will he sit on the potty for stories or to watch TV? We're just at the start of the process with our little boy and he sits on when he asks (so baby led potty training really!) and I read him a story. If he wees then we make a big fuss and give him a treat (a choc button or similar). If not, no harm done. I am expecting my second baby in two weeks so am going to have a lot of nappies to change anyway, an extra couple can't make THAT much difference.

I think just over two is actually the lower end of the spectrum for toilet training, especially for boys. The majority of the boys I know haven't trained until almost 3, or later.

I appreciate that the laid back approach doesn't help with his horrible rash though. I hope it gets better soon, it must be horrible.

Musical Daddy said...

I don't think I was potty trained until I was about 12, so I know that 2 is really, really young. We're more hoping that he'll eventually consent to peeing in a cup.

TV actually worked, the last time - we sat him on the potty and cued up Elmo's Potty Time on the iPod.

Sarah said...

OMGosh, at first glance I thought this was little brother on the potty!

Interesting that he isnt wild about naked time. Naked time in our house is favorite time, it is impossible to get the diaper back on him and end naked time.

My son is 21 months, and our extend of potty training is him requesting to sit on the toilet and grunt. Must have learned that from dad? We arent rushing it though, I am sure it will be at least a year until we get some cues.

Karen S. said...

We used a candy reward system. It worked really well for our son. He had no problem sitting on the potty to go potty when he knew he was getting a reward for the effort. If your little one likes candy I would suggest trying it. You can find it at

Sarah R said...

Ugh. We need to get to potty training too. Andrew protests when we put him on his potty chair, but he does know what the big toilet is for. I'm hoping he will eventually just want to go? He can sleep naked for a nap and not pee (Daddy Daycare does this all the time, don't ask me why) and he can sometimes wake up with a dry, or almost dry, diaper. He loves naked time, and he loves to poop in the same spot when he IS naked (by the bird cages in my bedroom--yes, we have wood floors).

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

What we did was to ask over and over again if she wanted to sit. We were very casual about it, no pressure whatsoever. Eventually she did. The minute she sat down, we did lots of positive reinforcement (good job, clapping, etc.). Later on, she started peeing and pooping. I remember reading on the Love & Logic book that you can talk about how the potty is for big people. If he understands who "big people" are, it might be appealing to him to sit on it because he wants to be like the grownups. That's what Love & Logic had to say, anyways. I hope his bum heals soon.