Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surprise, surprise...

The Boy's getting blood today. I know how surprising that is to you, Faithful Reader. I mean, he gets blood so rarely - only once or twice per week! I feel very badly for The Wife, who's stuck in the Valerie Center with two babies, one of whom is tethered to an IV pole. Sigh. Hopefully, she got to nap with the boys at some point.

I knew this changeover to Horizon would be a royal pain in the tuckus... considering that referrals are now being lost all over the place. Sigh. Frustrating. Another thing is that, apparently, my wife's school district didn't cut off her insurance in January, like we thought. I guess that's good news, except for the fact that every single doctor's bill filed between January and now will need to be re-filed.

This is why you don't pay any medical bills (outside of co-pays and other reasonable expenses) until the collection agents come knocking at your door. Sigh. Thank G-d I have teacher's health insurance: when bills come in for over $100K (like the month of July, with Younger Bro in the hospital for six days, and The Wife in for four, and The Boy in for, like, 25 days), my stomach does all kinds of interesting flips in the pike position. Thankfully, when all is said and done, we'll only owe a couple of grand - not great, but MUCH better. Money under $100K I'm not authentically concerned about - my wife and I are hard enough workers that we'll find a way to work it off, and I think we'll wind up under that by the end of his treatment. Not by much, but under that.

Urk. Medical bills.

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Elana Kahn said...

I think you're family is personally responsible for your hospital's entire income... :-) Thank goodness it's the insurance who has to pay most of it, though!!