Thursday, October 22, 2009

Difficult Part of the whole Hospital Thing

The two hardest parts of the hospital... is Younger Bro and the mornings.

Yesterday, they started to give us a hard time about Younger Bro being in the hospital room with The Boy. Basically, long story short, they are telling us that if he's in the room, he's got to STAY in the room - no hallway walks, no walks through the hospital, and "sneak" him in and out of the room. Our theory - later confirmed by the nurses - is that others on the pediatric floor are starting to notice and to complain. Why can't their babies come in?

The justification is that it's to prevent swine flu from entering and contaminating the floor. That's great - force us to remove Younger Bro from a sterile environment that he shares with his immune-compromised brother and put him in day care or a nanny's care, which is not sterile. Expose him, then us, to swine flu, and then expect it to stay off the floor. Okay. I guess I'm barred because I teach middle school. Whatever.

So, we need to figure out what the heck we're going to do. When Grandma is here, no problem - just leave Mommy & YB at home. When she isn't... problem. We're going to try to get contact with a local nanny service, and we'll borrow money to pay when we need to pay.

Other issue? The Wife can't stay overnight now, because she needs to nurse YB at night. So, I'm doing the overnight shift, which means that The Wife and YB need to be back at the hospital in enough time for me to get to school - 7:15 is okay on a normal day, 6:45 on a jazz band day. That makes things really difficult, and it makes her nights REALLY short, including travel time. That's just tough.

Jazz band, school, other jazz band, home to shower & change & pack, hospital, choir practice, hospital for the night. Complex day.


Sarah R said...

Wow, that sucks and what a stupid "policy". It's not like you're setting YB down on the ground and letting him crawl around into the various rooms--I mean, you're dealing with a semi-newborn here. Wow. I'm sorry you have to go through all this!

Jennifer said...

Our hospital now has the "no children under 18 allowed in" policy too. You guys already have it hard'd think they'd make an exception based on the situation.

When the swine flu vaccines come out could they let him in if he's been vaccinated for a couple weeks?

For us it just means DD won't get to meet baby bro/sis in the hospital or see Mommy while in there...unless the policy changes by then.