Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun day, sort of.

Grandma and Grandpa got here Thursday around dinnertime. I had a doctor's appointment in the late afternoon, then choir rehearsal, so I didn't see them until late. They took The Boy for a second chance at counts on Friday morning, and his platelets were JUST short - 98, when they want them over 100 for chemo. Sigh. This means chemo without Grandma this week, which means a major pain in all of our rear ends. They want to admit him on Monday, but that's not going to happen from our end. We're going to wait until Wednesday, because it makes our lives easier. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend are coming up for the weekend, and they'll help us with the release on Friday night and with Diaper Hell.

So, The Boy and I got some very nice time last night after band practice. Actually, Younger Bro and I had more time, which was REALLY cool. He's turning out to have quite the friendly, engaging personality! I'm not surprised at that, but there were times, during our earlier struggles, that I wondered.

This morning, Grandpa, The Wife, The Boy, and I went out to breakfast, then I snuggled with Younger Bro until I left for band. The Boy and Grandpa came with me to the football game, which was at the high school close to our home. He mostly entertained himself by walking up and down the bleacher ramp, which was quite funny. When we got home, he wanted to watch Sesame Street, which was fine with me - a nice 45 minute nap while being a pillow for him is fine with me.

During dinner, I entertained Younger Bro. He was quite charming today: when I stopped home in between things, The Wife brought him over to me. Before he was handed over, he smiled that great, big, huge, gum-my smile at me, and I just melted. That's amazingly cute. So, he and I hung out while the rest ate, and we played the standup-sitdown game and the flying baby game.

The Wife and I left the children in the able hands of Grandpa and Grandma ("Here's my rule: the babies can stay up as late as they want, and whereever they fall asleep is fine by us." I'm okay with that, actually) and went to a comedy club nearby. One of my coworkers moonlights as a standup comic - or, a better way to put it might be: a standup comic moonlights as a teacher in my building. She was quite funny, as were the other two comedians on the show. I had a couple of drinks tonight, which is a big deal as my last two drinks were at the wedding back in August! I think that's pretty good, averaging roughly one drink per month, which is dramatically higher than my usual average (from January to August, I don't think I had any).

We got home after this wonderful evening, and The Boy was still awake. I read "Zin Zin Zin the Violin," then gave him his medicines. The Wife and Grandma put him to bed (around 10:30) with no incident.

Tomorrow, my in-laws will leave, and we'll start the process of finding helpers for us for the week. We'll go for admittance on Wednesday, which means we'll need help Wednesday day, Wednesday night (I'll be there while The Wife is at orchestra, and I'll be sleeping there during the nights), Thursday day, Thursday night (me, sleeping, after chorus), and Friday day, maybe some help Friday evening with the move.

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