Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Younger Bro weekend

So, today I got a nice, big helping of Younger Bro time, and it was awesome. He is growing so quickly, and he is evolving out of the always-squalling little demon that he was for me back in his earlier incarnation. Now, he is a curious, happy, smiley, talkative little dude.

Today, we went to the Halloween Parade in town. He was dressed as Winnie the Pooh - appropriate because he is shaped much like Pooh Bear.

Mommy and The Boy arrived home later in the afternoon, and we all went for a nice walk to the Quik Chek. The Boy walked all the way back without being carried, and YB sat in the carriage instead of lay down for the first time! I carted The Boy on my back in the carrier for the trip out:

YB did quite a bit of kicking and grabbing on the playmat, which was cute to see. He even drank a couple of bottles for me and napped on my chest in the carrier. I'm very happy that our relationship is developing into the expected Daddy Means Giggles relationship. It's important to me.

Big week ahead of me, for sure. I'm excited. Wish me luck. I think a couple of things might finally bounce my way, starting with the World Series on Wednesday.

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