Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's platelet day!!!

The Boy is at the Valerie Center, getting platelets right now. That's not as big of a deal as getting blood. He still has to do the benedryl and tylenol, which will knock him out for a couple of hours; those medications are designed to suppress any immune reaction to the foreign bodies (new platelets). The platelets themselves go into him for around an hour or hour and a half, which means that they have a fighting chance of getting out of the Valerie Center around lunchtime instead of staying around until 3 or 4 o'clock. His red cell count was 9.5, which was a really pleasant surprise.

The next chemo will be two weeks from now, during my buddy's wedding weekend. (Fortuitous timing, because it's easy to get help and Grandma & Grandpa will already be there.) I might even - gasp - have an adult beverage or two! Not more than that, because 1) I don't want to be hung over the next day, and 2) I'd like to start an exercise routine post-marching season, and I don't want to lose a day or lose effectiveness. The chemo after that - tentatively scheduled for the weekend of December 4 or 5 - will be #15, the official halfway point of The Boy's treatment. That will be right around 53 or 54 weeks into this particular chemo regimen, which averages out to 4 weeks per chemo session, plus or minus a little bit. That means another 60 weeks of chemo, more or less, and a finish date of end of January, 2011.

All things considered, that's not too bad at all. I mean, he was in the hospital continuously from April 20 until August 1, and chemo sessions were around 5 weeks apart during that span, and he's been around 3.5 weeks per chemo since August. I'm not entirely convinced that he's going to finish the treatment - I think his numbers will simply stop going up within six months from now - but I'm moderately surprised that he's on a decent pace like that.

It does stop to give pause, however. Even after all of the fuss, bother, noise, and drama of the past year's treatments, we're not yet halfway done. I'm a guy who normally takes a long view of things, but this is still intimidating and far-away-seeming.

Thanksgiving, we're going to have another announcement about our future and The Boy's future. No, we're not pregnant again.


Sarah R said...

I am always thinking of you guys. I worry so much more now that all this crap is going around the hospitals. Just take it one day at a time and hopefully January of 2011 is here before too long.

PS, we can't possibly wait until Thanksgiving for your announcement! ;)

the mol said...

Definitely NOT pregnant again!