Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh, What a Night!

Monday night was a wonderful little evening. The mall trip went without a hitch - no traffic issues, no parking issues, we arrived right on time for my 5:30 appointment. It took about 20 minutes for them to figure out that there was a hardware issue with my iPhone, and they gave me a new one. Total loss: 5 items on my To-Do list for school (not a big deal - recoverable), four pictures, two videos (one of The Boy walking up stairs with Grandpa and one of Younger Bro kickin' it). Total gain: a working telephone, for a total price of about 3 weeks of time putting on new applications one or two every couple of days, so that any software issues don't crop up and cause hardware issues.

Afterwards, we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, spending a couple of gift cards. It was lots of fun! The meal was perfect, and the boys had an awful lot of fun. The Boy did laps of the restaurant, charming everyone with whom he spoke. Younger Bro was very good all the way through dinner. Mommy and Daddy were sated and looked like good parents. There even were leftovers, which were perfect for lunch today.

The Wife went to pick up her bass from the repair shop today. To make life easier for her, she dropped off Younger Bro at school during my prep and ran out to get the bass. Younger Bro was charming and cute, smiling at lots of people and making cute squealing sounds at anyone close by. The Wife and The Boy came in just at the change of periods, when my 8th graders were coming in. Most of them were from the pre-lunch 7th grade class last year, who had seen The Boy every once in a while when they came for lunch, so they liked seeing the two boys.

The family came to the end of marching band practice today, which was nice. The Boy started screaming hysterically with about fifteen minutes to go in practice, so they went home to take care of him. He was complaining of an "owie" in his toe. The last time he screamed for an owie like that, we spent a week in intensive care because of blood pressure issues - an owie that could have caused a heart attack, had we not gone to the hospital. He was just calming down when I got home at 6:20, and I left a half hour later, when he was fully calm. A little scary, but still pretty low on the scare-o-meter.

Tomorrow morning, they are going in for chemo. I'll be joining them a little bit later in the day, after school / shower / shave / pack / comic book store. I'll be spending the next two nights at the hospital, because The Wife has to take care of the overnight feedings of Younger Bro. Sigh. Love those hospital stays when I have 7:30AM rehearsal at school.

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