Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rough Night

Not such a great sleeping-in-his-own-bed night for The Boy. At 11:45, he was starting to close his eyes, and I got up and left the room. He followed me up until the gate, then stood there and cried for about five or ten minutes. At that point, he gave up, laid down in bed, and went to sleep. That was when Younger Bro woke up and needed to be fed. Of course.

Around 2:30, The Boy woke up and yelled at us for a little while before going back to sleep. At 4:10, he woke up for reals. That's a confusing time, for other reasons than despite the fact that my brain takes a little while to get moving (thank you, Benedryl - you help keep me clear while I sleep, but waking up can be difficult). I asked The Wife for help, and she told me to either tuck him back in, or bring him with us. I walked toward his room, and he backed away from the gate. I chose to accept that as a sign that he wanted back in his bed, so I tucked him back in, kissed him, snuggled him a little bit, and went back to our room. He yelled at us for a little while, but fell back asleep.

When I got up at 6:30 to get ready for school, everyone was still asleep - him in his room, us in ours. He heard me and woke up, initially requesting bed-snuggle time. I laid with him until he closed his eyes, then got up. (I am NOT going to be deprived of such wonderful snuggles, thank you.) He followed me out, and we had breakfast together. I woke up the other two when I had to leave.

Nice moment: on their way to Trader Joe's, The Wife and the boys stopped in the parking lot of school during my prep period. I ran outside, gave kisses and hugs to all concerned parties, and ran back in. I said, "I love you, The Boy; can you say, I love you Daddy?" He said, "Eye-Yoo, Daddy." It's cute.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

How sweet! He is too cute. I love watching the videos! His sweet little voice...

the mol said...

Last night was a fog of screaming baby...I think you had to tell me which child was yelling.