Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Same, but Expanded!

Same thing happened this morning as yesterday morning. 4AM, crying for "Dah-DEE!", naked at the naked. The big expansion? Poop in the diaper... and all over his legs, the floor, the bed, etc.

4AM bath, start diaper laundry, and try to get an extra hour's sleep (5 total!) before my 7AM to 11PM day today. Ugh.


Sarah said...

you gotta love that sort of stuff. But being a mom, I have to say it's hilarious he was calling for Dah-dee!

Musical Daddy said...

Oh, man, at night it's all Dah-DEE! Dah-DEE! Dah-DEE! I'm the soft touch in the house, by far, and he knows that Mum is going to hold firm. Dah-dee can be worn down pretty easily, and Dah-dee finds his impy-ness funny instead of irritating. 8(