Friday, October 16, 2009

Still waiting...

They brought us in for counts again, because The Boy has a tendency to jump, counts-wise. Which he did, but JUST short of making platelet counts for chemo. Grrr...

Very inconvenient.

He needs blood although these days they don't transfuse him if he is just below 8.0 hemoglobin, because he gets SO many transfusions. He'll get it Monday. If we are admitted on Wednesday, it will be quite a bit easier, although we'll need a LOT of help.

My sister is coming on Friday. With her man too, I think. So we'll have help overnight with diaper hell. And we'll have to do something fun related to Halloween. Likely The Boy won't be able to attend the Halloween parade with Musical Daddy's band, although he will probably go to the hospital parade the day before Halloween.

Anyhow, things are getting a bit strange around here but all will work itself out.

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the mol said...

Oh...I get it...I posted on the wrong blog.