Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy couple of days...

So, Tuesday afternoon, Grandma arrived and kicked me home at 3:30. I picked up the truck at 5:30, and had a devil of a time backing it up into my driveway. No worries; finally got it.

Wednesday, I ran out of school to start the loading procedure. Rob, Taylor, Joe, and Alex came by to help me load. They all spent a minimum of 2 hours, up through around 5 hours for Rob. It never ceases to amaze me, the depth of people's generousity. The movers arrived late - closer to 3:30 than to the proscribed time of 2:00 - but worked amazingly efficiently, having the 24-foot truck packed floor to ceiling in under 2 hours! Granted, it helped to have three to five other people helping out.

I drove the truck out of the driveway at 6:00PM, and I arrived in Pittsburgh (370 miles) at 1:30AM. I slept until 7, then grabbed a quick breakfast and started organizing things. The stuff came through remarkably well; the only losses were one leg of the boys' dresser (snapped off), part of the bedframe (metal twisted up), and the piano's tuning as we non-professionals tried to move it inside. All in all, not bad, and the dresser could have been solved by taking the legs off earlier.

Six guys helped us unpack the truck. We loaded lots of stuff into my in-law's garage (I guess it's "our" garage now, but that hasn't sunk in yet). We loaded lots of furniture upstairs. We loaded lots of stuff into a storage locker. There's still lots of stuff in the house in New Jersey - all of my clothes, some holiday decorations, the pulley attachment for the gym, my computer desk, my comics, the crib, the toddler bed, The Boy's bed (there's a trundle bed that he's using right now), and my formal clothes (barbershop uniforms, tuxedos, that sort of thing), tools and painting supplies, and - most importantly - my television, TiVo, and Playstation. In short, another truck's worth of materials.

My assumption is that, when we finally LEAVE and the house is on the market 24 hours per day, I'm going to leave a few things behind - some of the area rugs, some towels for the bathrooms, things like that. Things to make it looks a LITTLE bit like a home. I'm not sure what we're going to do about the swingset, but one thing at a time. Our storage locker is big; it can likely hold all of the pieces of the swingset, if we can find someone to break it down & re-assemble it.

I will be leaving on Sunday, getting a ride from a family friend of The Wife's. When I get home, I will begin the procedure of re-painting, re-organizing, catelogueing and giving away the stuff that needs it, and fixing anything that needs to be fixed. With luck, I'll be done by New Year's.

At Thanksgiving yesterday, we had a very nice dinner. The Boy ate and ate and was happy. Younger Bro sat in his high chair for the first time, playing with a chew toy Aunt C bought for him. I think this is going to be a happy time.

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