Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colossal Timing

The Boy woke up crying at 3:30 this morning. Since that's relatively unusual these days, we figured - correctly - that he had pooped and wanted a new diaper. I changed him and put him back to bed, but stopped before I left. Long story short, he's running a 101 degree temperature and we're back in the emergency room.

Aside from the awfulness of his illness, this is awful timing. The entire house - and I mean everything - is packed for the big move. Grandma had a 10:00 flight to make the drive west this evening with The Wife and both boys. I'm supposed to pick up the truck at 5 in Plainfield, and the movers are coming tomorrow at 2. The hospital bag is somewhere in the garage, buried under or behind a ton of packed boxes and furniture. Not to mention that we don't have clothes out for anyone right now...

And, the fact that I have to get my concert notices out this week, and schedule my oral exams for my math degree, and the fact that hospital policy means that I'm going to be here 24:7. More soon.

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