Monday, November 30, 2009

First Night

Last night was my first night at the house without my family. Only a month to go, right? Well, a month and a year's worth of work.

There's more stuff here than I remembered, but most of it is stuff that we're going to donate / sell / give away. We're going to give away the crib, the old car seat, and the toddler bed, try to sell some bookshelves, an air conditioner, an air filter, and a carpet steamer that we never figured out how to use. All of my clothes are still here.

The to-do list is pretty large. Wash the walls all over the house. Touch up the paint in the bedrooms - don't have to repaint them, thank G-d. Spackle, sand, repaint the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallways, downstairs room. I'm not painting the walls in the downstairs living room, because the wood paneling is kind of kitschy and retro. Lots of stuff to throw away. Recycling tomorrow night. Whew.

Last night, I kind of wandered around the "empty" house, finding things to throw away and moving other stuff around. I'm a little bit overwhelmed right now, so I'm in the process of making a list a checking items off of the list. Sigh.

I hate being away from my children and my wife. I miss them already. Not having a wife and little people to snuggle... it's no fun!

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Steve Schwarz said...

But the work will fly by and you'll be back with them before you know it!

Time tends to move quickly around this time of year.