Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Hate This.

Don't get me wrong. He's better today than yesterday, and I certainly love spending time with him. But, here's The Boy right now:

He's just sitting, not talking, not watching television, not interacting. Just peeling the labels off of a couple crayons. It's depressing.

I know that when I'm sick, I just sit around and mope. He is definitely my son in that regard. I just miss my happy, charming little man.

On the positive front, the rash is gone, and the lancing wound is much less tender. The fever is still raging, and they're treating him for C Diff again, despite negative cultures. Just can't win.

Grandma is coming in. Thank G-d for the reinforcements, because Grandpa is sick and my brother and his family are MIA. He'll get blood and platelets tomorrow, as those levels have fallen precipitously.

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Purpledolphin3 said...

Oh that picture breaks my heart. I'm a webmd friend of the mrs. You guys are always in my thoughts.