Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Intensive Care

We got moved to intensive care a couple of hours ago. The Boy's blood pressure has been averaging around 70/25, which is really low. That's concerning. Plus, the fact that they've filled him with fluids that he hasn't peed out yet (no real wet diapers for the past 12 hours), and that he's consumed around 200 calories since around 4pm yesterday...

The cultures are negative, so we're not entirely sure that it's a staph infection. That's good - don't want to go through another port replacement. Flu test is negative, but that doesn't test for H1N1. We'll see. I'm gonna run home in a few minutes to shower and change.

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JC said...

Love the head stickers!!!! I try to get Summer to let me put tattoos on hers, but she won't usually go for it. I'm kinda going to miss that bald head when her hair starts growing back. They are just so smooth! :)