Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Another Weekend

Had some unanticipated free time on Saturday, which was exceptionally nice. The Boy and I napped for a reasonable chunk of Saturday afternoon because of that, which we both needed.

Friday night, a former student performed a concerto with the Montclair State Orchestra. He was magnificent. Got home really late and got to sleep at 1:00, only to be woken by The Boy at 3 and Younger Bro at 5. I think I took him for a little while at 5, because I had a late start to the morning. So, when naptime finally rolled around, we were needing it pretty badly.

YB has gotten up at 5am for the past several days. Considering that he tends to go to sleep around 7:30, it's not surprising. However, it causes some issues. My wife is not at her best at 5am, and the two of them will usually keep The Boy and I awake. Not so good, when I have a school/marching day or a double-duty church day like today. I'd love for the 2 of them to head outside for a while, but that's not particularly fair to them. This morning, The Boy and I snuck off to his bed to finish the night's sleep. I think that might be the solution.

It's tied in the 9th inning of the World Series, but I'm exhausted and have a long day tomorrow. Sigh. Don't know what to do.

He's started playing in the bouncy chair again:

YB's costume: (We didn't dress The Boy up because of his counts. We put a sign on our door apologizing for the lack of candy; low immune child plus random children... not something to chance.)

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